1.Malthus Population Growth Model-A series if which is allowed to increase exponentionally, then it will surpass linear growth.
Explanation- That overall in the years, population will begin to surpass food productions,leading to worldwide starvation if no new source can be found.
2. Demographic Transition model-The process of change in a society’s population from a condition of high crude birth and death rates and low rate of natural increase to a condition of low crude death and birth rate, low rate of natural increase,and a higher total population.
Explanation-Four different demographic stages which describe the stage a country might be in, 1 has very high birth and death rates(making them even out. Stage 2- has rapidly declining deaths, though it has high birth rates making a boom in population growth.Stage 3- birth rates begin to lower and the natural increase rate begins to moderate. Stage 4- has very low increase rates,birth rates,and death rates leading to little or no population growth
3.S and J curve graphs
S-curve-shows varying population growth
J curve-Expotential population growth
-S-curve-The graph rises to a certain point,before reaching its climax/limit.
-J-Curve-The J curve is a graph used in a variety of fields which shows the curve fall but then gradually rise again.
4.Epidemiological transition model-Distinctive causes of death in each stage of the demographic transition model.
Explanation-The first transition occurs because the human population and growth numbers depart from there usual cycle because of maybe,death,famine,or war.While in the second transition there seems to be the receding of the pandemic.While in stage 3 there seems to be a decline of deaths through famine and disease,and there seems to be more chronic disorder deaths, such as heart attacks,tumors,or aging in general.In stage four is the stage of delayed degenerative diseases,but the leading causes of death would be cradiovascular diseases and distinct types of cancers.In stage 5 there is the reemergence of the pandemic because of anti-biotic resistint bugs.Such as insects which are immune to insect pesticides,and produce more baby insects which would also be resistant.
5.Economic,cultural/political,and enviromental push and pull factors-
Economic-When people immigrate or migrate into a location in which there could be greater economic opportunites such as increase in jobs.People migrate when there might be a deppression in the economy.
Cultural/Political-When a population migrates to a location which would be more accepting of a belief or custom.While a population leaves because of suppression,such as WWII when the Jewish community was forced to move from Poland too the U.S.
Enviromental-Pull factors would be migrations of something as simple,such as nice weather,while push factors would be natural disasters,or horrible weather
Economic-Displays when people will migrate to lands,countries,or governments which will have better access to the fundamentals of sustainable work,affordability of homes,and opportunities which are given.
Cultural/Political-People would be attracted to locations such as the U.S. Because of the allowance of free speech and self expression is fine,while the refugees might depart there country because of a harsh dictator,war,or lack of self expression.
Enviromental-environmental really depends whether if the migrator seems to be in good weather conditions or if there seems to be all the problems around him are caused by the enviroment.good climate would be the attracting force while bad climate would spring Immigration to a different country with better climate.
The five laws of migration-
Most migration occurs over long distances
Migration occurs in steps
Long range migrants usually move to urban areas
females are more migratory than males but males are more migratory over long distances
migration is usually caused by economic causes.

-since there is migration occuring all the time around the globe,there have to be reasons and concepts behind this. Migration is usually caused because of economic factors, such as if there is a loss of jobs due to a plant shutting down, people who earlier had there jobs at the factory,would then move to a different city to get a job with a different employer.The reason why most adult men travel is basically because of that reason,one to aquire a job to support there family they possibly left behind,and to make traveling quicker and more affordable.
Distance Decay and the gravity model for migration-
The gravity model predicts the optimal location of a service is directly related to the number of people in the area and inversely related to the distance people must travel to access it.While distance decay states that the farther away one group is from another, the less likely the two groups are to interact.

Distance decay states that the farther away u migrate from one another you would sooner or later lose your communication status.So because of distance decay, you will eventually lose information on another person/country/group which might lead to distrust and then warfare.While the gravity model might lead to isolation of groups and it would greatly limit trade, slowing the diffusion of ideas and eventually could cause curiosty to neighboring people to go into the country and look into there habits,government,or issues so they could prevent it for themselves as well.